Jeanine Brito

Refashioning Masculinity

Refashioning Masculinity was a research project at the Centre for Fashion Diversity and Social Change at Ryerson University. 50 men were interviewed about their wardrobe and how they express identity through fashion. The resulting images and interviews showcase a diverse group of participants, whose interpretations of masculinity are nuanced, expansive, and subversive.

I had the pleasure of working on the project as designer and web developer, and over the course of six months created a cohesive brand identity, a website, and numerous print and digital marketing materials. 

The implications of different typefaces and their perceived masculinity and femininity were considered in the selection of a bold display serif to anchor the logo and all typography, with subtle curves in the typeface disrupting the perception of masculinity that traditionally accompanies serif fonts. 

Typography was centred along a vertical axis to underscore the necessity of a balanced approach to gender politics — that both femininity and masculinity exist on a spectrum. A collage of textiles and brush strokes on all touchpoints communicated the pastiche of contemporary gender identity as a sum of borrowed parts. 


I designed and built a custom Wordpress theme using the Bootstrap framework that responds across devices.

The website needed to include several components — a gallery of participants with individual pages for each, a public event invitation that once passed would be replaced by a digitized version of the runway show that included photography and audio, a dynamic section for team bios that could handle growth.


A selection of print materials


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