Jeanine Brito

LifeSpeak platform redesign

LifeSpeak is an online platform that makes expert information and action plans accessible. 

The platform is based on the philosophy that with the right knowledge and tools, employees become proactive about their wellbeing, keeping them focused and present at work.  As the Interactive Designer, I maintain an overview of all visual aspects of the brand including print and digital touchpoints, product videos, and user experience design.



Video player

LifeSpeak's library is comprised of "volumes", a collection of 6 videos featuring the same expert speaker on a given topic. We designed a multi-functional video player modal to house all 6 videos, volume information, transcripts, tipsheets, podcasts, quizzes, and the Next Steps feature set.




Grow is a professional development tool that allows employees to earn credits within applicable professions such as law and accounting using the iQ feature.

The redesign offered us an opportunity to make Grow more intuitive and visually appealing.

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